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Automated AI and Deep Learning Platform

The basic principles behind the Trendskout AutoML Platform are straightforward: connect analyse automate. This intuitive approach allows you to add relevant data sources easily (Connect). Apply different relevant AI algorithms (Analyse) and gain new insight or automate actions (Automate).

Trendskout uses a visual drag-and-drop interface. Select the required flow and let our advanced algorithms go to work in the background. Trendskout does the heavy lifting for you.

Powerful AI across industries

Looking to get the most out of your business with proven AI algorithms? Trendskout provides several preconfigured solutions for marketing, sales, image recognition, production and text-to-speech.

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AI Software

Powerful Cloud-AIOut-of-the-box with an intuitive interface

Key features

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Auto ML

Automated Machine Learning gives you the freedom to move away from long quests in search of the right model for your needs. Trendskout automates your entire search.

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Automatic model updates

External factors in technical models change too fast to be able to keep up as a business or organisation. That is why our AI models are continually tested, evaluated and updated. All improvements are done automatically through Trendskout’s AI tools.

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Graphical AI Interface

Combine your business knowledge with the desired AI application and start setting your own AI flow through the drag-and-drop-interface. Trendskout offers you complete control.

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Trendskout Data Prepper

Smart data transformation is crucial for successful AI implementation, but it often remains time-consuming. The Trendskout Data Prepper is a powerful wizard that helps you automate data transformations.


Core Capabilities

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Automated AI for IT-teams

Why do the heavy lifting yourself? With Trendskout you develop fully-fledged AI applications, without coding. Trendskout allows IT teams to move faster and focus on what matters: digital innovation.

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Sales booster

Predict customer retention, carry out advanced sales forecasting and determine next best actions. All this is now possible with the Salesbooster module. Salesbooster helps you to uncover hidden opportunities and leverage your data to realize your potential.


Text & Speech analysis

Process documents automatically into machine-readable data. Our AI is capable of interpreting all information in your documents and speech. Includes speech to text functionality.


Image Recognition

Rely on image recognition to streamline your organization’s operations. Trendskout includes the most up-to-date frameworks for data transformation, labelling and Deep Learning for maximal performance and usability.

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Production Optimization

Use Trendskout to analyze large amounts of data flows, discover anomalies, discover hidden drivers and implement far-reaching automations.


How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

Gain free access to our Resource Center with interesting business cases.

Trendskout AI Flow

1. Connect

Connect to a wide range of data sources. Integrate with your existing software or through our Trendskout API.

2. Analysis

Select the desired AI application and set relevant parameters. Our Trendskout software gets to work and presents you the best AI model for your business needs.


3. Automate

Capitalize on new insight: automate your processes and trigger specific actions through Trendskout.


Powerful algorithms at your fingertips


Train Trendskout through labeled training data and set our AI to work to classify and label new data.


Use Trendskout to predict future events, based on findings from your data.


Trendskout handles questions on your online channels, allowing you to engage in more conversations in a shorter time span.

Prescriptive analytics and NBA

Trendskout detects hidden insight and patterns in your data, for improved decision-making.

Impact Analysis

Use Trendskout to discover and report on parameters and data relationships that impact your business objectives.


Trendskout can discover hidden patterns to cluster various types of unlabeled data.

Image recognition and pattern recognition

Use Trendskout to recognise and label visual attributes in images, or detect patterns in unstructured data.


Trendskout can recommend appropriate products, services and content to the right person at the right time.

Text & Speech Analysis

Trendskout reads, interprets and classifies your texts and natural language for you, regardless of their size or language.

And more...

Trendskout contains plenty of different AI functions. Combine them using our AI-flow for unlimited potential.

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