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Unleash the power of AI and AutoML in 3 easy steps

The basic principles behind Trendskout are straightforward: connect analyse automate. This intuitive approach allows you to add relevant data sources easily (Connect). Apply different relevant AI algorithms (Analyse) and gain new insight or automate actions (Automate).

Trendskout uses a visual drag-and-drop interface. Select the required flow and let our advanced algorithms go to work in the background. Trendskout does the heavy lifting for you.

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Trendskout AI Flow

1. Connect

Connect to a wide range of data sources. Integrate with your existing software or through our Trendskout API.

2. Analysis

Select the desired AI application and set relevant parameters. Our Trendskout software gets to work and presents you the best AI model for your business needs.


3. Automate

Capitalize on new insight: automate your processes and trigger specific actions through Trendskout.


Key features

Auto ML

Automated Machine Learning gives you the freedom to move away from long quests by data scientists in search of the right model for your needs. Trendskout automates your entire search.


Automatic model updates

External factors in technical models change too fast to be able to keep up as a business or organisation. That is why our AI models are continually tested, evaluated and updated. All improvements are done automatically through Trendskout’s AI tools.


Graphical AI Interface

Combine your business knowledge with the desired AI application and start setting your own AI flow through the drag-and-drop-interface. Trendskout offers you complete control.


Trendskout Data Prepper

Data transformation is essential for the successful use of AI, yet highly time-consuming. That is where Trendskout Data Prepper comes in: an intuitive wizard in the Trendskout platform that helps you transform your data.


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