Process natural text and media at scale

Media companies have to process large amounts of text, photos, videos and lots of metadata. In addition, a huge amount of information is often added from online channels such as websites, social media, apps. In addition, Media companies are also responsible for the quality of the content and the online interactions of users. The powerful AI of Trendskout enables Media companies to process all this data automatically, to analyze it and to link the right actions to it and, in addition to achieving efficiency gains, also make the data accessible and gain added value from it themselves.


Automated moderation

Readers can play hard, so not all responses are open to publication. Trendskout will get the bad apples out for you.

Conversion optimization

Trendskout detects hidden connections between your content, channels, users, and proposes the right actions to increase the conversion goals you have chosen.

Impact analysis

Expose the underlying drivers that drive your reader behavior. How much impact does a possible layout change have? What is the best action to drive conversion?

Categorizing images

Categorize images based on specific objects, and determine how these images should be processed.

Advanced prediction

Trendskout AI to predict exceptional events such as unexpected changes in reader behavior, churn or subscriptions.

Automate customer support

Supporting customers is crucial but often labor intensive. Provide your customers with the best service with automated support flows, including voice and text.

media use case

Case Study: ``Trendskout algorithm is our first line of defense for inappropriate reader response.``

Reader reactions to news items are not only food for discussion on the newspaper websites themselves, but also outside of them. Many editors are scratching their heads about how to maintain the balance between sufficient participation and civilized debate in comment sections. Where many news media decided in recent years to completely disable reactions, Het Laatste Nieuws took a different approach with strict moderation of reactions. Recently, this selection is not only done by human hands, but behind the response button there is also artificial intelligence. Trendskout’s AI platform filters inappropriate responses immediately

artificial intelligence

Powerful Cloud-AI Platform

In addition to specific modules for media companies, the Trendskout AutoML platform also offers many possibilities for IT teams to quickly set up AI applications, Powered by our unique double AI low and easy to use UI that fully automates data transformations, algorithm selection and hypertuning.

Ready out-of-the-box

Fully equipped software with an intuitive interface, designed for non-data scientists.


Trendskout uses the most popular AI frameworks and& libraries, including Spark and Tensorflow.

Multi-purpose deployment

Use Trendskout for multiple AI applications, simultaneously across different business units.

Best Value

SaaS model with a fixed monthly subscription. Continuous updates, support and hosting are included.

Connect effortlessly with your dataTrendskout for Sales has a wide range of plug-ins, making integration with your CRM / ERP package a snap

How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

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Customer stories

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