Gain time with AI automated administration workflows

with the Trendskout AI Platform

Plenty of admin jobs are repetitive and follow a set pattern – an excellent opportunity for automation. Self-learning and adaptive models in Trendskout’s Machine Learning Engine can help you with this.

Powerful Cloud-AI Platform

Out-of-the-box with an intuitive interface

Control and reporting

Trendskout’s AI can also be used to check manually performed administrative work. The algorithm will start looking for inconsistencies or anomalies in your data and flag suspicious elements, allowing you to carry out further manual checks. This decreases the margin of error in administrative processes.

Processing and organisation of incoming data

Information processing is the step in handling incoming information. Trendskout’s Machine Learning can be used as a gatekeeper to screen and assess large quantities of data for further processing. This significantly reduces your team’s workload. Using our machine learning, only a very limited amount of input is passed on to human team members for further processing. Our ML will use the resulting human input as feedback, improving the algorithm’s strength and reducing the need for manual processing even further.

How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

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Trendskout as part of your admin team

Use Trendskout as a valuable addition to your admin team. Provide your team with the extra information they need to make decisions faster and more accurately.

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