Impact analysis

Predicting action and reaction helps entrepreneurs and sales to better weigh the impact of decisions.

Optimise your sales process

A high-performing sales process is hard work. A sales process is also living matter. That means you are never finished. However, we can make sales life easier by monitoring parameters. Constantly looking at what needs to be followed up. This allows your sales to work more purposefully and efficiently, resulting in a streamlined sales process.

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Increase your chances of success

Learn from your mistakes. Learn from the past. All good such retrospection but it takes a very long time. With Trendskout's AI platform, you can find the exact reasons why an offer had a lower success rate in no time. Based on these concrete insights, you can make better decisions and take other actions to maximise the chances of success in the future.

Boost your sales

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a customer starts ordering more. If it is good news, sales teams often ask few to no questions. A missed opportunity. Understanding why that one or more customers or prospects suddenly order more is a huge opportunity. If you know why and can scale this up, you will draw remarkably better numbers. With AI insights based on your data, we make it possible to clarify the impact of certain (external) factors.

Getting started with an Impact Analysis

What will be the impact of a price increase? What explains the reaction of certain customers? Can you change it? Are they internal factors or external parameters that played a role. Find out this and much more using a thorough impact analysis. Trendskout gets to work with your own data and delivers immediately deployable actions that your sales director and sales team can work with.

Salesbooster, your personal assistant!

With Salesbooster, we make every sales person's life a lot easier. We offer you a personal assistant. Follow-up emails, quotations and complete call scripts are also generated automatically on the basis of detected sales opportunities, based on your customers or leads and at the perfect time. No complex prompts, put your question to Salesbooster and converse naturally resulting in clear answers. Salesbooster can also process huge amounts of data and input. Far beyond any possible human capacity. Just bringing coffee doesn't work (yet).

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