Finding the right match with AI for HR

with the Trendskout AI Platform

Today’s knowledge-based economy is shaped by organisations who are able to attract and retain the right talent. AI helps your organisation to make the right choices in hiring employees that match your company’s DNA.

Data-driven talent matches for every position

The right educational background and hard skills are easy to define for most positions on the workfloor. Finding the right match is often also based on success factors that are more difficult to define or describe. A candidate’s interests, hobbies, personal background or location-based factors might prove decisive in hiring new talent. AI gives you a deeper understanding of critical factors in historical data and can help you to draw up the ideal candidate profile for your open positions.

The best match between a candidate profile, open positions and HR policy

Manual first screenings of application letters quickly becomes time-consuming and repetitive. Important information can easily be missed at the end of a long day’s work of resume screening, increasing your chance of missing out on potential matches. Use Trendskout’s AI engine to create in-depth analyses of job vacancies and candidate profiles, so you can detect potential matches automatically. Use our AI engine to follow up after onboarding and improve your HR policy.

How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

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Automated interactive intake

First screenings are usually carried out based on resumes. Candidates who do not appear to have the right profile on paper, simply do not make it to the first round of interviews. Chatbots or intelligent quizzes can take an initial interview with a candidate, making sure you don’t miss out on any potential matches.

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