You select the application, Trendskout delivers the appropriate AI model.

Once you have selected your data for AI or AutoML analysis, you can add the desired AI application to Trendskout’s AI flow editor.

Our software comes with a wide range of built-in AI applications, including data classification, clustering, image recognition and development of intelligent chatbots.

Trendskout automatically generates the most appropriate AI model, based on your choice of relevant parameters. No need for any coding on your part! Designing complex algorithmic models is also a thing of the past: Trendskout does the heavy lifting for you.

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Trendskout uses your real-world business application and parameters to automatically come up with relevant AI models, using our innovative and unique AutoML with automated solution space exploration. Our software executes countless state-of-the-art algorithms, which are powered by a second AI layer. Trendskout acts as your dedicated team of in-house data scientists.

Our software will present you with the appropriate AI model for your business case or application. Next, the model will start running to generate advanced insight or to execute automated actions.

The analysis steps for model selections are repeated automatically and periodically in the background by our software, to ensure you have an optimally functioning AI model at your disposal at all times.


Highlighted Trendskout frameworksBest of breed AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning

Trendskout’s AI features

Discover all our Deep Learning applications – supported by the most cutting-edge technology, including neural networks, gradient boosting and support vector machines.


Train Trendskout using labeled training data and let the software classify and label new information.


Use Trendskout to predict future events, based on detected findings in your data.


Trendskout answers the questions on your digital channels, allowing your organisation to handle more conversations in less time.

Prescriptive analytics and next best action

Trendskout detects hidden insight and patterns in your data, for better decision-making

Impact Analysis

Set Trendskout to work to detect and report on hidden parameters and links that impact your objectives.

Data Clustering

Trendskout can discover corresponding groups in unlabeled data, thanks to cluster analysis.

Image recognition and pattern recognition

Use Trendskout to recognise and label images, or to find patters in large amounts of data.


Trendskout can recommend the correct products, services or content – in the right context, to the right person.

Text Classification

Trendskout reads, assesses and classifies your texts, regardless of language or file size.

And more...

Trendskout contains a wide range of AI functions. Smart combinations within the AI flow offer infinite possibilities.

Ready to discover all features during a live demo?Get in touch and we will be happy to show you the direct business value of artificial intelligence for your organisation.

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