Discover the hidden drivers in your processes

Manufacturing companies are driven by innovation, just as their processes are driven by various underlying parameters. Knowing which parameters and how they influence the quality of the process and key financials such as turnover is crucial, but impossible to discover manually due to the complexity and amount of data. Trendskout offers specific modules to unlock data from various sources in your organization and to discover insights. These insights can then be further used via Trendskout for process control, quality monitoring and sales automation.


Advanced prediction

Deploy Trendskout AI to detect difficult to predict events such as upcoming sales opportunities or fluctuations in the production process.

Impact analysis

Expose the underlying drivers that control your processes. What impact do specific customer questions in an order have on production time? Which process configuration is most suitable when starting a new batch? What is the best action in the sales process?

Quality control & Visual inspection

Guaranteeing quality and safety often requires visual control. With Trendskout AI you can automate this and focus on your core.

Financial forecast

Predict financial KPIs such as cash flow, gross margin and more based on your existing data and intervene proactively to make adjustments.

Automate customer support

Supporting customers is crucial but often labor intensive. Offer your customers the best service with automated support flows, including voice and text.

Anomaly detection

Trendskout to analyze large quantities of data streams, discover anomalies and prevent defects.

production use case

Finding the Golden Run via Trendskout

The lead time in a production process is a key element in drawing up a correct quotation. This turnaround time depends on many factors, with interrelationships that are difficult for humans to detect. That is why Team Industries decided to use Trendskout AI to predict, based on existing production data, how long the lead time for an order would be. With this information, Team Industries can make an accurate estimate that is at the same time profitable and competitive, thus guaranteeing both operational efficiency and profitability.

artificial intelligence

Powerful Cloud-AI Platform

In addition to specific modules for manufacturers, the Trendskout AutoML platform also offers many possibilities for IT teams to quickly set up AI applications, Powered by our unique double AI low and easy to use UI that fully automates data transformations, algorithm selection and hypertuning.

Ready out-of-the-box

Fully equipped software with an intuitive interface, designed for non-data scientists.


Trendskout uses the most popular AI frameworks and& libraries, including Spark and Tensorflow.

Multi-purpose deployment

Use Trendskout for multiple AI applications, simultaneously across different business units.

Best Value

SaaS model with a fixed monthly subscription. Continuous updates, support and hosting are included.

Connect effortlessly with your dataTrendskout for Sales has a wide range of plug-ins, making integration with your CRM / ERP package a snap

How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

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Customer stories

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