Optimizing complex processes

FMCG companies are characterized by complex connected processes. Every element in the chain must connect optimally and flawlessly to guarantee product quality and operational efficiency. Large amounts of data are generated in connected FCMG companies. The Trendskout AI can expose the hidden drivers in this data and set up AI-driven workflows that can drive optimization, quality control and automation. Operational efficiency improvements and quality guarantees that are critical to any strong FCMG brand.


Advanced prediction

Use Trendskout AI to detect hard-to-predict events such as customers who will reorder after a long inactivity, or detect upcoming churn (customer loss).

Impact analysis

Expose the underlying drivers within your sales process and your organization. How much impact does a possible price increase have? What drives the operational efficiency of your organization? What is the best follow-up action in the sales process?

Process documents and speech

Speed ​​up your administration and let Trendskout categorize, bundle and perform the right workflow actions on your documents and speech interactions.

Financial forecast

Predict financial KPIs such as cash flow, gross margin and more based on your existing data and proactively intervene to make adjustments.

Quality control & Visual inspection

Guaranteeing quality and safety often requires visual inspection. With Trendskout AI you can automate this and focus on your core.

Anomaly detection

Use Trendskout to analyze large amounts of data streams, discover anomalies and prevent failures.

artificial intelligence

Powerful Cloud-AI Platform

In addition to specific modules for FMCG, the Trendskout AutoML platform also offers many possibilities for IT teams to quickly set up AI applications, Powered by our unique double AI low and easy to use UI that fully automates data transformations, algorithm selection and hypertuning.

Ready out-of-the-box

Fully equipped software with an intuitive interface, designed for non-data scientists.


Trendskout uses the most popular AI frameworks and& libraries, including Spark and Tensorflow.

Multi-purpose deployment

Use Trendskout for multiple AI applications, simultaneously across different business units.

Best Value

SaaS model with a fixed monthly subscription. Continuous updates, support and hosting are included.

Connect effortlessly with your dataTrendskout for Sales has a wide range of plug-ins, making integration with your CRM / ERP package a snap

How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

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Customer stories

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Applied image recognition: safety and health

In a previous blog post, we described how image recognition works, how it came about and, above all, how this technology can easily be applied with Trendskout. In this article we highlight a concrete application that the leading design and consultancy agency Arcadis has developed with Trendskout. Applying the ready-to-use AI from Trendskout, an image...

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Sales forecasting and sales opportunity discovery using AI and deep learning

Selling is a process, especially in a B2B context, in which human interactions play a crucial role. AI and Deep Learning play an important supporting role in uncovering opportunities and thus support these interpersonal relationships. Sales teams often generate and have access to large amounts of data. However, given the amount of data, it is...