AI for Production Optimization

More efficient business processes and operational excellence? AI and ML provide important insights that are crucial for automation and making the right decisions.

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More than just anomaly detection

More and more companies are moving away from the traditional approach to the maintenance of machines, in which equipment is always maintained at the same time interval. Data sensors can perfectly map the effective load on machines. In this way, maintenance can be scheduled in a smarter way and irregularities can be accurately predicted. This anomaly detection-based predictive maintenance in turn reduces machine downtime and keeps additional production loss to an absolute minimum. Trendskout goes further, however …

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Complex processes and large amounts of data


A production process is a data-intensive process. From planning, production monitoring to control; data is generated everywhere and must be interpreted in order to make the right decision. In addition, this data comes from various sources, ranging from ERP systems, PLC and IoT sensors, in high frequency and in enormous quantities. A gigantic technical challenge, where the automation of Trendskout shows its true strength.

Large number of applications

Better planning, automatic parameterization of the production process, quality control, anomaly detection and the list goes on. The task of all these applications that have to realize these efficiency gains can become manageable with the high degree of automation in Trendskout. AI applications can be set up quickly via the AI ​​flow principle, and the steering genetic algorithm guarantees quality, even when the number of applications becomes innumerable.

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Fast, data-based decisions

The digital environment is changing rapidly and companies must constantly adapt to remain successful. Artificial intelligence processes and analyzes huge amounts of data and delivers detailed reports in real time. This way you can quickly make the right decisions.

Customer Stories

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Predicting machine downtime with Predictive Maintenance

From pure divination to AI-based forecasting, predictions for the future have come a long way in the past centuries. In this blog we dive into predictive maintenance. This branch of AI focuses on detecting irregularities or anomalies in order to better estimate the need for maintenance. This is particularly useful in sectors where large machine...

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Industry 4.0 and AI in manufacturing

Some inspiring applications Artificial intelligence, or AI, in production environments Ever since the first industrial revolution and the introduction of steam engines, numerous innovations have shaped the manufacturing industry. Pioneers such as Adam Smith have greatly optimized the production process through their thinking and inventions. Each time, higher productivity and improvement of cost efficiency were...

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