Trendskout AutoML as a driving force for operatonial excellence.

Production companies generate a lot of data. Using this data for better operations can be done quickly and effectively with the ready-to-use production applications in Trendskout.

Prevent defects

Expose hidden patterns in your processes

Forecast financial and sales KPIs

Automate quality control

A complete solution that transforms data into value

The Trendskout AI platform provides important insights that can be quickly linked to the right automation in your production process.

Prevent defects

Use Trendskout to detect anomalies and prevent defects. Predict accurately and plan maintenance more intelligently. Trendskout Anomaly Detection reduces machine downtime and additional production loss to an absolute minimum.

Expose hidden patterns in your processes

Uncover the underlying motivations behind your sales processes and their organization. Simulate the effect of specific customer requests on your production capacity and delivery times. Find out which configuration generates maximum output of new assembly lines and determine your next best actions for sales negotiations.

Predict financial and sales KPIs

Predict financial and sales KPIs such as cash flow, gross margin, order volume and more based on your data combined with external data sources and intervene proactively to adjust and get a better view of your demand planning and financial forecast.

Automate quality control

Guaranteeing quality and safety often requires visual checks or manual actions that are time-consuming and error-prone. With Trendskout AI you can automate this and focus on your core.

Already 100+ companies saw their sales grow with Trendskout

From pure divination to AI-based forecasting, predictions for the future have come a long way in the past centuries. In this blog we dive into predictive maintenance. This branch of AI focuses on detecting irregularities or anomalies in order to better estimate the need for maintenance. This is particularly useful in sectors where large machine...

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Some inspiring applications Artificial intelligence, or AI, in production environments Ever since the first industrial revolution and the introduction of steam engines, numerous innovations have shaped the manufacturing industry. Pioneers such as Adam Smith have greatly optimized the production process through their thinking and inventions. Each time, higher productivity and improvement of cost efficiency were...