Advanced market analysis and sales automation with the Trendskout AI Platform

Consumers and businesses are bombarded with advertising and other forms of communication through a myriad of different touchpoints. AI can support you to tailor your messages to potential customers – giving you a competitive edge.

Extensive personalisation

Customers expect a personalised experience – including in a B2B context. Offers should be contextual and tailor-made. Use Trendskout’s AI to personalise your website content, offer relevant products on your webshop and build intelligent chatbots that increase your conversion rate.

Data-driven personas

Today’s marketing relies on clear user personas and customer segmentation, which enable you to establish personalised communication. Persona building is often based on subjective criteria, without hard data to support this. Trendskout’s AI-based clustering allows you to define personas in a scientific, data-driven way.

How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

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Discover your ideal conversion path

Most online marketing channels provide a clear overview of the costs related to a specific type of conversion. The question as to which precise factors are responsible for converting visitors into customers, is more difficult to answer. UX experts and marketers rely on their expertise to analyse the bigger picture, but they lack the resources to map and evaluate every individual visitor action on your website.

AI uncovers the hidden factors behind conversion behaviour. Does certain content make visitors switch? Or does a certain order of pages visited increase conversion rates? Use new insights to guide leads to the most ideal conversion path.

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