Reduce time-consuming tasks

Who couldn't use an extra set of hands ánd brains? Today, the tasks of a sales team are very broad. That means the core tasks of good sales are under pressure. Every minute is precious. So jettison as many repetitive tasks and figuring things out, as possible! At Trendskout, we are introducing the AI Sales Assistant.

Your AI assistant who answers all your questions

Looking up information, looking at reports, analysing trends - you could spend hours and hours doing that. Time better spent on numerous other tasks. The Salesbooster AI Assistant interactively answers your questions and you get a concise yet complete summary of the most important actions on your customers. This way, you keep your finger on the pulse, effortlessly. The right info on the right customers.

Already 100+ companies saw their sales grow with Trendskout

Ping: What do you think of this proposal?

"Wouldn't it be a good idea to..." is how it would sound with a physical sales assistant by your side. Well, Trendskout dishes out actions and follow-ups to you instantly. Completely ready to send to your customer within the minute. A clear offer 100% based on customer data. Proposals can be offers, follow-up emails, deals, discounts - in short, anything a super proactive sales would propose.

Interaction at a high sales level

Challenge your AI Sales Assistant. With the Trendskout AI Sales Assistant, you can converse. New prompts provide new answers with additional insights. This is how you get the most out of Trendskout's AI Sales Assistant. Find out the status of a lead faster than ever.

Spend your energy and time where it really counts

Leads at the beginning of a sales cycle with a high probability that they will never be qualified? You're not going to spend mountains of work on that. With the AI Sales Assistant, you can quickly but professionally formulate a follow-up action. This way, sales can focus on the high-quality leads that do generate revenue.

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