Automatic data enrichment

Data come in all different forms and flavours. They can be structured or unstructured and are located in different sources, including databases, spreadsheets and APIs. Raw data are not always suitable for AI and Deep Learning. They often require combination and transformation before they can be used. Trendskout offers a user-friendly data wizard and automated data enrichment to automate and accelerate your data processes.

You can use the data wizard to select data from different sources. The user-friendly interface makes complex data processing easy, without any additional programming. The software carries out the required transformations in the background, transforming raw data into actionable numbers that can be put to work in the AI-flow.

Data processing

Upon completion of data selection through the data wizard, Trendskout will set to work to enrich and expand your data. This process is connected to the selected Deep Learning or AI analysis and will start after first adding the data as an input source to an AI flow, together with a specific type of analysis – e.g. classification or anomaly detection.

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Every AI or Machine Learning project is unique: diverse data sets with different variables, integrations in or with existing software or hardware and different expectations and goals to be pursued. The decision as to how a business case should be set up technically in practice is an important factor in its ultimate success. In this...