Capitalise immediately on new insight

Trendskout allows you to perform detailed analyses, obtain new understanding and develop predictive models. Traditional reports or insight are often used insufficiently to take action.
Responding to new insight is easy, thanks to Trendskout’s Automate feature. It can be used to automate certain processes through action triggers. Check out our examples below.


Use the winning model from the analysis stage to obtain better insight into your data, improve decision-making and automate your processes.

Select one of our many output and automation actions, drag them to the AI Flow through Trendskout’s visual editor and unlock the true potential of your data.

Analyses that can be used immediately

Trendskout Sales Booster offers immediately deployable AI that generates added value for your sales team from day 1.

Automated reporting

Stay on top of things and generate automatic advanced reports on the performance of your AI models. Define your preferred reporting frequency and select which stakeholders should receive an automatic update in their inbox.

Website personalisation

Trigger personalised messages, actions and content for your visitors and increase your conversion rate.

E-mail, text & other communication channels

Send automated emails or text messages with information or instructions to relevant people.

Actions in other applications

Trigger actions for other software that you use, such as ERP or CRM systems. Label your data automatically or assign support tickets to the right team, all based on the output of your AI. This process automation feature saves costs.

Ready to discover all features during a live demo?

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Every AI or Machine Learning project is unique: diverse data sets with different variables, integrations in or with existing software or hardware and different expectations and goals to be pursued. The decision as to how a business case should be set up technically in practice is an important factor in its ultimate success. In this...