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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning symbolize innovation – especially in IT departments. AI and ML can be widely deployed, but also take time to implement and maintain. The Trendskout AI platform is the solution for IT teams who want to automate the heavy lifting and focus on their core, innovation.

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AI models to scale, under your control

Applying AI successfully requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Both business and IT have to apply completely new concepts and ways of thinking. This often requires a research-oriented approach that is characterized by long lead times. This puts a lot of pressure on IT and data science teams to be able to iterate quickly. Trendskout takes that pressure off by automating the heavy technical work and letting IT teams focus on the innovation culture that characterizes them, and the business on evaluating the added value of the AI ​​applications. All this under the control of the IT team.

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The Trendskout platform offers various AI analyzes via a user-friendly drag & drop editor, supported by the Trendskout data prepper for data transformations. The underlying genetic algorithm leads the search for the right model. This winning model can then be unlocked in various ways via the AI ​​flow.

This means that IT teams can quickly set up new applications and any changes up or downstream can be absorbed by automatic remodeling via the genetic algorithm or adjusting the AI ​​flow via the user-friendly UI.

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