Reducing customer attrition

Proactively identify customers who are about to cancel services or products or will purchase less.

Keep the overview

Are you looking for a way to efficiently detect and prevent customer attrition? Tricky when you have multiple customers. Manually, it's a hopeless task. Now, with the power of Trendskout's AI platform, you can easily gain insight into your customers' behavioural patterns and take timely action to prevent customer attrition. Discover how AI can help you keep track of many customers and act quickly to retain customers. Start now and and increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer attrition.

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Detect signals from customers

Keeping an eye on customers works when you have a modest number of customers. With larger volumes, it is untenable to view and compare turnovers. With classic reporting, everything becomes complex and confusing. You invest an enormous amount of time in a very temporary solution and even then you miss crucial things. With Trendskout's churn prediction model, you identify customer signals and are immediately presented with targeted data-driven actions.

Timely spot 'bad' payers

Late payers can be a big problem for businesses, but what if you could predict who would pay late? Thanks to the power of Trendskout, this is now possible. With AI, you can now quickly and efficiently assign credit scores to your customers, identifying and managing risk. By using advanced analytics and machine learning models, you can gain insight into your customers' payment behaviour to predict late payers. Improve your credit management and keep your cash flow healthy. Proactively mitigate financial risks.

From reaction to action

With the power of Trendskout's AI platform, you can efficiently detect and prevent customer attrition, maintain an overview of customers, identify customer signals and predict late payers. This enables you to take timely action, increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer attrition. Financial risks can be mitigated proactively. We invite you to try Trendskout now and experience how it can help you increase your sales and protect your business from financial risk. Contact our sales team or book a completely no-obligation demo.

Salesbooster, your personal assistant!

With Salesbooster, we make every sales person's life a lot easier. We offer you a personal assistant; Follow-up emails, quotations and complete call scripts are generated automatically on the basis of detected sales opportunities, based on your customers or leads and at the perfect time. No complex prompts, ask your question to Salesbooster and converse in natural language resulting in clear answers. Salesbooster can also process huge amounts of data and input. Far beyond any possible human capacity. Just bringing coffee doesn't work (yet).

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