Customer segmentation

When thorough personalisation can give companies a competitive advantage.

According to order behaviour

Customers with similar ordering behaviour may well benefit from a promotion or a "personalised" marketing campaign. Determining this manually is incredibly time-consuming and always incomplete. This can put you in a quandary. Our AI platform works faster and more efficiently. Based on dozens of touchpoints, we segment customers to graft a relevant follow-up action on each of them.

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According to price sensitivity

Raising prices brings fewer customers. Lowering prices yields more customers. It is - unfortunately - not always that simple. Some customers or prospects are insensitive to price changes. Up to a certain level, of course. Who is price sensitive and where that threshold lies can be determined using our AI platform. You make better decisions based on up-to-date data from your own ecosystem. Fast, efficient, correct and scalable.

According to priority

How do you find similar customers and prospects? And how can you scale up the current inflow? A question many sales teams struggle with. Which of these customer or prospect groups deserve your attention? Where do you achieve the best margins and who can show the greatest customer loyalty? Questions to which we can provide answers. 

Let's get going!

Pigeonholing may well give you a nice return. Who would have ever thought. With smart customer segmentation through artificial intelligence, you can take action faster. You can start driving your sales better and more targeted. Get started today with customer segmentation on Trendskout's AI platform and take your competitive advantage to the next level!

Salesbooster, your personal assistant!

With Salesbooster, we make every sales person's life a lot easier. We offer you a personal assistant; Follow-up emails, quotations and complete call scripts are generated automatically on the basis of detected sales opportunities, based on your customers or leads and at the perfect time. No complex prompts, ask your question to Salesbooster and converse in natural language resulting in clear answers. Salesbooster can also process huge amounts of data and input. Far beyond any possible human capacity. Just bringing coffee doesn't work (yet).

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