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Maximise your close rate

What should I do to turn an offer into a contract? Should I wave a discount? Are there arguments that can work in your favour? Imagine getting a concrete list of actions you can take for each quotation... Well, then we have good news for you. With Trendskout's AI platform, you can have such a list generated as an output. And this based on all the data you already have. A perfect way to significantly increase the close rates of your quotations.

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Make your customer contact more relevant

What is going on in the mind of your prospect or customer? Hard to determine, of course. Yet, through your customer's behaviour, you can get certain signals. Obviously, a sales cannot be expected to monitor these closely. It even becomes completely impossible with a large portfolio of customers and prospects. Enter artificial intelligence. From all prospect action points, our AI platform detects which action is best to take next. An ideal contact moment directly generated in the systems your sales are familiar with. 

Perfect your margins

Closing offers quickly is nice. But at what price? With sky-high discounts, you can quickly win over any party. Your company's profitability may thus be hitting its limits. How do you determine the perfect margin where your prospect quickly becomes a customer and your company also monitors profit margins? A precarious balance in which artificial intelligence and hence our AI platform can play a role.

From painful 'ai' to helpful AI

Don't miss any more opportunities for your sales. Our AI platform is a giant with a thousand eyes. Keeping an overview, aha-moments, insights and all of this turned into targeted tasks. This is the added value for your sales you have long been waiting for. How we work? First, we will define a use case together. What will your business benefit from? Then we set up a demo. This allows you to see our product live at work. We then fine-tune the set-up, resulting in a first workable output. No endless processes with far too long meetings. Direct action, immediate effect! Smart, fast and correct: that is the promise of Trendskout's AI platform.

Salesbooster, your personal assistant!

With Salesbooster, we make every sales person's life a lot easier. We offer you a personal assistant; Follow-up emails, quotations and complete call scripts are generated automatically on the basis of detected sales opportunities, based on your customers or leads and at the perfect time. No complex prompts, ask your question to Salesbooster and converse in natural language resulting in clear answers. Salesbooster can also process huge amounts of data and input. Far beyond any possible human capacity. Just bringing coffee doesn't work (yet).

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