Saving time for citizens and officials, thanks to AI

Governments at all levels are concentrating their efforts on efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks and streamlining their administration. This allows them to focus on their key objectives. Citizens and organizations alike benefit from a government that is able to manage its workload effectively and provide people with the right information at the right time. In addition to insights into the underlying organizational processes, the Trendskout platform also offers AI-powered workflows. This takes the burden off government employees for otherwise time-consuming tasks, including manual checking of forms and other documents. This allows governments to focus on what matters most: providing citizen-first support.


Predictive analytics

Detect events that are difficult to predict, including increases in applications and expected workload on officials.

Impact analysis

Uncover the underlying factors that influence your administration or department. How to organize quick wins for better public services? And how to avoid administrative bottlenecks?

Quality control & Visual inspection

Automate visual checks of applications and other documents. The Trendskout AI automates your entire administration.

Automatic moderation

Comments on discussion and support platforms often need careful moderation. The Trendskout AI automatically filters inappropriate comments.

Automated support

Efficient inbound support can take a lot of time and effort. Give citizens the support they deserve with automated support flows, including voice and text.


Improve your documentation and paperwork lead times. Organize all of your communications and establish manual or automated follow-up actions.

public sector use case

Case Study: Innovation in Utrecht, information tailored to the needs of every citizen

As the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands, Utrecht sets an example when it comes to providing service. The city’s sophisticated information policy allows for easy access to policy documents, information and online applications – both for citizens and public officials working in the local government offices.

Typical site search had proven no longer sufficient to pull the right information from the city’s enormous database. That is why the local council turned to Trendskout and its AI recommendation engine. It displays context-sensitive recommendations as search results, which helps to display the right information and reduces workload on public officials.

AI Software

Powerful Cloud-AI Platform

In addition to specific modules for the public sector, the Trendskout AutoML platform also offers many possibilities for IT teams to quickly set up AI applications, Powered by our unique double AI low and easy to use UI that fully automates data transformations, algorithm selection and hypertuning.

Ready out-of-the-box

Fully equipped software with an intuitive interface, designed for non-data scientists.


Trendskout uses the most popular AI frameworks and& libraries, including Spark and Tensorflow.

Multi-purpose deployment

Use Trendskout for multiple AI applications, simultaneously across different business units.


SaaS model with a fixed monthly subscription. Continuous updates, support and hosting are included.

Connect effortlessly with your dataTrendskout for Sales has a wide range of plug-ins, making integration with your CRM / ERP package a snap

How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

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Customer stories

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Applied image recognition: safety and health

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