Always the best model with Periodic model updates

Contextual factors and the data they generate are constantly changing. Most AI models are capable of handling slight variations in data, but as soon as the changes are too drastic, model accuracy tends to decrease dramatically – regardless of whether it was generated through AI, Deep Learning or Machine Learning algorithms. Using a traditional project approach, such large data changes imply significant reworking of the project, often including data processing, algorithm selection and hypertuning.

Trendskout does things differently. Our AI software increases ROI through periodic execution of the Solution Space Exploration & Auto ML process. The software continuously validates the accuracy and performance of the model that is currently in use. This re-evaluation process happens automatically in the background and it detects if a different combination of data processing, algorithm and parameters would be better suited to your project. The Trendskout software will automatically suggest you to update to this alternative solution for improved accuracy. This ensures the best results for your project, regardless of possible changes to your data.

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Every AI or Machine Learning project is unique: diverse data sets with different variables, integrations in or with existing software or hardware and different expectations and goals to be pursued. The decision as to how a business case should be set up technically in practice is an important factor in its ultimate success. In this...