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Trendskout's AI platform is a powerful tool for sales directors and account managers alike. The system can predict sales, reduce customer attrition, suggest cross-sell and upsell, and provides immediately actionable actions for sales specialists. This enables them to work more efficiently and achieve better results.

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Our solution for more sales opportunities is simple. Trendskout's technology helps you run a more profitable business by increasing sales opportunities, reducing customer turnover and relieving your sales team of time-consuming actions.

Predicting erratic buying patterns and stock levels is a challenging task for any business. It can be difficult to estimate which products or services will be popular and how much of each product will be needed. This becomes even more complicated when trying to look ahead and predict which products or services will be ordered in the future. However with Trendskout technology, we can meet these challenges and deliver an immediately workable output.

Identifying customers who are about to cancel their services or will purchase less is a crucial challenge for any business. Anticipating bad payers or late payers is also critical. By knowing who these customers are, you can take targeted action to prevent loss of revenue. With our advanced technologies and analytics, you can address these challenges and protect your business by acting proactively.

Our advanced technology and analysis methods provide you with insights into the following questions: What additional sales opportunities do you have with a specific customer or prospect? What alternative products or services can you sell to improve your margins? What additional products or services can you offer based on a current order? What products or services should you add to an order to make it complete? For which products or services might the customer or prospect buy from a competitor? By taking targeted action based on these insights, you can maximise your sales opportunities.

Put Trendskout to work to determine the right actions to take to make a sale. You will gain insight into the optimal time to contact a customer or prospect, what product or service is best offered at what time, and what margin you can take to smoothly close the deal.

Good customer segmentation is crucial for successful sales. By segmenting customers and prospects into groups with similar characteristics, you can take targeted action and tailor your sales strategy to the specific needs of each group. This can lead to greater customer satisfaction and higher conversion from prospects to customers. Moreover, it can help increase revenue and reduce costs by communicating and selling more effectively to specific groups.

Impact analysis is a powerful concept that allows companies to improve their performance by understanding the impact of their decisions. Whether it is products or services, pricing, sales strategies or other factors, impact analysis helps you understand how changes in these areas affect your sales, costs and profitability. By using these insights, you can take targeted action and make your sales more efficient and effective.

With Salesbooster AI Assistant, you get your own personal assistant. Whether it's following up on emails, preparing quotes or having complete call scripts - we have it all covered for you. And the best part? Everything is tailored to your customers and perfectly timed. No hassle with complicated prompts or cumbersome procedures. Just ask your question to the AI Assistant and watch the conversation flow naturally, resulting in crystal-clear answers.

Why AI for sales?

Sales that test and scale AI now have the opportunity to create a significant and sustainable competitive advantage for their business and personal careers.

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