Advanced Sales Forecasting

Go a step further and predict exceptional buying patterns with high accuracy. Clear and immediately usable output that your sales team can work with.

Laser-focused customer contacts

Sales forecasting helps account managers direct their focus by enabling them to plan and prioritise based on expected sales revenues. By forecasting future sales, account managers can better manage their relationships with existing customers and prospects, adjust their sales strategy and better plan and budget their sales efforts. This can help them meet their sales targets and improve their performance.

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Exact sales forecasts

To better forecast sales with advanced sales forecasting, on our AI platform, we analyse all historical sales data, add extra customer data and apply advanced AI models. After an initial use case, we engage with you and add new use cases. Through rapid iteration workable output within is possible within 2 weeks.

Find buying patterns

Finding anomalic buying patterns is interesting for sales because it allows them to better understand specific customer needs and take action. For example, exceptional buying patterns can indicate seasonal purchases, unforeseen increases or decreases in demand, or changes in customer behaviour. By understanding these patterns, sales teams can adjust their sales strategies to better meet this changing demand, and better target their sales efforts to specific customers or markets.

Proactive stock management

Over- and under-stocking is an absolute nightmare for sales. In turn, thoughtful and accurate stock management is a boon. By predicting the expected sales of a product or service, companies can better match their inventory to the expected demand. This can help reduce overstock and understock. Enter sales forecasting!

Chop Chop: get going!

With Trendskout, you get the most out of your data. Our AI platform converts the output into concrete actions, allowing your sales to get straight to work with clear lists of predicted products or services, sales numbers per customer and even project start dates.

Let us help you increase your sales by presenting the right products or services to the right customer or prospect at the right time. Data in, output out, action immediate. Try Trendskout now!

Salesbooster, your personal assistant!

With Salesbooster, we make every sales person's life a lot easier. We offer you a personal assistant; Follow-up emails, quotations and complete call scripts are generated automatically on the basis of detected sales opportunities, based on your customers or leads and at the perfect time. No complex prompts, ask your question to Salesbooster and converse in natural language resulting in clear answers. Salesbooster can also process huge amounts of data and input. Far beyond any possible human capacity. Just bringing coffee doesn't work (yet).

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