Select your data sources and get started

Data source selection is the first step in designing your own AI flow.

Trendskout is compatible with a wide range of databases, Excel spreadsheets, data warehouses and other data sources. Next to these standard options for connecting, Trendskout also comes with its own API for custom integrations.

Information is often spread across different data sources. To transform and connect this data, we developed Trendskout Data Prepper. Its intuitive wizard helps you to prepare your data on the Trendskout platform.


Trendskout offers the appropriate data input function for every context. You connect directly with your existing applications. You can do so through our dynamic API or using individual files.

Trendskout transforms your data to the right format in the background to enable further analysis.

You can also consult the uploaded data using Data Prepper.


Trendskout’s analytics features enable you to analyse tabular data in spreadsheets. Upload the desired files and use the Trendskout Data Prepper to start editing data and to generate actionable insight.


Trendskout comes with a set of plug-ins for a variety of popular applications. Connect your existing tools in no time and start sending relevant data to Trendskout instantly – for example to analyse website visitor data.


Are you looking to analyse data coming directly from another software tool? Or do you want to set AI-triggered actions? Our experienced development team can set up direct integrations with a whole host of CRM, ERP or database applications and tools.

Trendskout boasts an API-enabled architecture, making it easy to share data with external applications.

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Every AI or Machine Learning project is unique: diverse data sets with different variables, integrations in or with existing software or hardware and different expectations and goals to be pursued. The decision as to how a business case should be set up technically in practice is an important factor in its ultimate success. In this...