Read and re-read how you as sales can take innovative steps in your daily professional life. Concrete sales-focused tips and tricks, insights and trends. For those who want to become #1 sales in an ever-changing market.
Making good sales forecasts with results can be learned. And there are a number of options for doing so. If you work in sales at a B2B company, you've almost certainly been asked your opinion on future sales. Like, "How much do you think you'll sell in the next quarter?"
Success in sales: many dream of it, few are granted it. Our belief: the combination of AI and a human approach. We suggest applications, but also emphasise the skills of a good salesperson. Read along.
A basic explanation of the Predictive Score Model for (B2B) sales and how to set it up easily. A practical article that helps you on your way in AI and other fields.
With good Predictive Sales Software you open up a new world for your sales team. A world in which smart software spots and scales undetected opportunities.