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Not so long ago, reducing customer turnover was a huge challenge for companies. While their best sales professionals were bringing in new customers at the front door, existing customers were happily walking out the back door. In fact, it was a case of mopping up the water.
Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) offers a golden solution for companies that want to get more out of their data, but do not have the experts to invest hours in it. AutoML is the way to bridge this gap. The technique allows you to build the models you need for data analysis within your company much faster. In this article, we look at the advantages and the application possibilities of AutoML. But before that, we need to take a look at what AutoML exactly is and how it relates to Machine Learning.
In B2B, the effort to get more sales from existing business often yields more than the effort to get new business. Moreover, in many companies the turnover is not equally distributed over all customers. A small number of customers generate the largest part of the turnover. What are the best sales techniques to use?
Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) are often misused or even confused with one another. What exactly are the differences between AI and BI, what are their respective boundaries and where do both technologies overlap? And why are organizations increasingly using AI and BI together to improve their decision-making and their competitiveness? Let’s dive into the matter.