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Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most talked-about new technologies of our time. It is an innovative technique that is having a major impact on almost every area of business.
Smart companies use artificial intelligence to sell smarter, more targeted and more cost-efficiently. How do they do that – and how do both sales teams and their customers benefit?
Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) are often misused or even confused with one another. What exactly are the differences between AI and BI, what are their respective boundaries and where do both technologies overlap? And why are organizations increasingly using AI and BI together to improve their decision-making and their competitiveness? Let’s dive into the matter.
Artificial intelligence is having a major impact on just about every business department. Sales is no exception. More and more organisations are relying on AI to organise, streamline and make their sales teams more efficient. The need for AI software in sales is simple: salespeople are sitting on mountains of valuable data, but don't know where to look first to get started with it.
Where do we stand today with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in practice? And what are the short and medium-term prospects for businesses around the globe? We take a look at the impact of AI in various sectors and highlight the potential that currently remains untapped.
A versatile AI platform that would be capable of connecting to a variety of data sources, generating new insights and suggesting improvements. This was on Arcadis’s wish list when their leadership team reached out to Trendskout. What started as a pilot program quickly grew into a successful partnership for continuous innovation. One of the first focus areas was the organization’s energy consultancy. We take a look behind the scenes at this global leader that is redefining the boundaries of the use of AI.
Companies and organisations sitting on golden mountains of relevant data are increasingly relying on AI to mine it. This is also the case at Coeman Packaging, a distributor of packaging materials and machines from Waregem. With more than 3,000 B2B customers, the company has a turnover of around 35 million euros.
From pure divination to AI-based forecasting: in recent centuries, forecasting has come a long way. In this blog, we dive into predictive maintenance. This branch of AI focuses on detecting irregularities or anomalies in order to better assess the need for maintenance.
In this article, we explain the different approaches to AI implementation; from business case analysis to go-live. Every AI company has its own approach or methodology that addresses customer questions. The consequences of these differences are often difficult to estimate initially, but have a huge impact on the final ROI and even the chance of success of the entire project. Finally, we outline how Trendskout differs from other AI companies.