The future of B2B sales

B2B sales is a dynamic, fast-moving sector. New products come onto the market all year round. Process optimisation is also on the agenda. All things you can benefit from as a company. Especially in the field of software and technology, things are moving fast. To stay ahead of the competition, it is a must to keep up in this rapidly changing market.

In addition, the corona pandemic (how could it be otherwise) has proven that agility and flexibility must be given priority. Adapting quickly to the needs and wishes of the customer is key. But what does the future bring? Which sales practices will be trending this year? What do you need to pay attention to? Do you need to update your sales process? Read on to find out.



Focus on AI opportunities for B2B sales

Technology is driving change in sales. In order to meet the needs and expectations of customers in today's digital society, it is necessary to advanced technology has become essential for every sales department. Marketing automation, chatbots, software for generating B2B sales leads, predictive analytics and machine learning are just some of the diverse applications of technology in sales and marketing.

AI applications to take your sales to the next level can be: computer vision, NLP, deep learning and intent classification, the process of classifying the customer's intent by analysing the language they use.

The lightning fast Understanding what a customer really wantsand that with the help of technology, means such great added value for many companies. It means responding faster and more accurately to customer needs. In a scalable yet human way.


Trends for businesses in 2022 according to Gartner

Every channel matters

B2B customers want to do business in the manner and from the location of their choice. And because there are multiple channels that B2B decision-makers use, salespeople must be present on these channels to ensure that every potential touchpoint is utilised. The main communication channels of sales organisations remain the phone and emails. In addition, for most organisations it makes sense to also be reachable via, for example, Whatsapp and social media. Optimise all content for mobile users, as B2B decision-makers spend a considerable amount of time on their phones.

Because of these many channels, as a company you are Collecting a lot of data. Data that often remains underused. Moreover, companies often do not see any use for it. What can we do with it? How can we make so much data manageable? And what should we see or find in all that data? Enter Trendskout.

Wondering if we can boost your sales with AI?

Your company also has great data potential. So how do you get as many insights as possible from that data? How do you put that data to work? Get a first idea and book a free demo. We do a demo based on the data you provide. That way, you get a clear picture of how AI can also mean enormous added value for your company and sales in the short term.

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