What do you need to be successful in sales?

Every company wants to succeed. The sales within the company are therefore invaluable. But as a salesperson or sales director, do you just shake sales out of your sleeve? We list the seven most important skills for you to become successful in sales! And we give you a crucial tip to get your sales into 2022.


Sales success thanks to AI


Product knowledge is an absolute must if you want to run a sales department that wins every order with a smile. It is not necessary for salespeople working for a car company to be able to take a car completely apart, but it is important to know how the car works and what its features are.

Technically savvy

In order to sell a product, it is essential for a sales officer to know the product and its technical background. A good salesperson is able to answer all the customer's questions. In addition, he can work with a system such as CRM and use it to his advantage to be successful in sales.


A sales person is always open to his surroundings without any prejudice. The team often consists of people from different backgrounds, and of course you respect each other's cultural differences.

Credibility, trust and respect

A good sales agent knows how to win the trust of his buyers in order to build a business relationship. The sales agent knows his product and is always respectful towards the customers.

Communication skills

Correct conversation techniques are the absolute basis of every sales conversation. In addition to persuasiveness, asking the right questions and attentive listening good skills to lead the conversation, find out what the customer needs and close the deal. Responding to customer needs will ultimately convince the buyer to choose a particular product.

Recognising these customer needs is not always easy. Support by means of a handy NLP toolcan be of great importance. That way, you read between the lines and increase your chances of success.

Recognise the buying signals!

Every good sales person can pick up buying signals from their customer and knows how to close the deal at the right time. If he or she misses these signals, the conversation will drag on and he or she will ultimately miss the sale. Again, it is not easy to recognise all buying signals.

By means of Predicitive Sales Analytics, for example you can estimate, on the basis of objective parameters, how likely it is that a particular prospect will become a customer.

Successful sales thanks to better technical support

You can help your sales department by offering your sales staff a CRM system that meets their needs. A well-known pitfall is that the system serves mainly marketing purposes and the sales staff have to fill in a lot of customer information, so that the focus on the sale fades into the background. A AI system that structures and recognises data and analyses consumer buying behaviourSo that the team sells more through upselling, for example, it pays off twice over.

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