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Cross-selling and upselling are both sales strategies to get your customer to buy more.
Measuring and optimising your cross-selling and upselling strategies is crucial. Using KPIs and an iterative approach ensure success.
The pitfalls in offering complementary products when cross-selling and upselling.
Some psychological principles and persuasive techniques to properly influence sales decisions.
How do you use customer segmentation to make effective recommendations for cross-selling and upselling?
Companies and organisations sitting on golden mountains of relevant data are increasingly relying on AI to mine it. Such is the case at Coeman Packaging, a Waregem-based distributor of packaging materials and machines.
As a sales manager, you know that retaining customers is at least as important as attracting new ones. AI can play a big role here.
Developments in AI are moving fast. But which AI applications can we turn to soon?
AI is a powerful tool in the fight against customer attrition, but how exactly does it work? How can sales managers implement AI in their company?