AI vs BI reporting: prevention is better than cure

Business Intelligence (BI) is a well-known concept in the business world and has received a lot of attention in recent years. Increasingly, however, it appears that the use of BI reporting has significant launching points. In this blog, we take a closer look at BI reporting and make comparisons with AI reporting.

BI reporting: what's in a name?

BI is a process of collecting and analysing data to gain key insights into business processes and performance. BI reporting allows companies to make decisions based on facts and data, rather than intuition or conjecture.

Although BI reporting plays an important role in decision making, it has its limitations. This is because BI tools focus on the past and can only report on what has happened, not on what is going to happen. Predicting future trends and customer behaviour is therefore a major challenge.

Another problem is that BI reporting is not accurate enough to predict human behaviour. This is because traditional BI tools are statistically oriented and therefore unable to recognise and predict patterns and trends in human behaviour.

AI as a complement to BI

So BI is unfortunately unable to accurately recognise human behaviour, and this is exactly where AI takes over. In fact, AI can recognise complex patterns and identifies and predicts patterns in human behaviour. Thanks to AI, companies can make better decisions and thus reduce customer attrition, for instance. In fact, AI helps them detect problems before they actually occur. This allows them to optimise their marketing activities and ensure customer retention.

BI and AI complement each other perfectly

Finally, it is important to understand that BI and AI do not replace each other, but rather complement each other. While BI reporting helps to analyse historical data and identify trends, AI predicts future behaviour and formulates proactive measures to prevent customer attrition.

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