Empower your customers with ready-to-use AI.

Trendskout is an intuitive AI solution which enables you, as a trusted partner, to provide added value for your customers on their data.

Why become a Trendskout Partner?

Trendskout allows you effortlessly quickly offer advanced – but easy to use- AI capabilities to your customers.
Strengthen the relationship with your customer with AI use cases linked with your products and services.

This way you’ll stand out from the competition by delivering extra added value.

What can you expect?

Great service

Our dedicated Partner Manager will ensure your onboarding, and collaboration with Trendskout exceeds your expectations.

Reduced time-to-market

Reduce the development time for AI to zero and start offering AI capabilities today. Trendskout integrates quickly via a plug-in or API based integration approach.

Extra business opportunities

Generate more revenue by addressing new customer opportunities and link these with your products and services.

Interested? Apply now!

Our partner manager will contact you shortly to discuss options and next steps.