The right offer at the right time with Trendskout Recommendation Engine

Setting up an AI-enabled recommendation engine need not be a tedious and expensive task. The Trendskout AI platform can recommend appropriate products, services and content to the right target audience. Setup is easy with our plug & play recommendation engine, SaaS and follows the No Coding principle to boost your sales today.

Operates according to the no-coding principle

Directly deployable

High accuracy

Integrates with your data sources (CRM, Database, API, Excel,...)

Choice of different Sales & Marketing applications

Applied in many sectors

AI Recommendation Engine in 3 steps:

1. Easily create your Recommendation Engine flow

Drag & drop input, AI and output actions and quickly adapt your AI flow to your needs.

2. Trendskout AutoML generates the best AI model for you

The Trendskout platform does the heavy lifting for you and builds the model that drives your use case. Fully automated and no coding required.

3. Put your AI Recommendation flow live with one click

Review accuracy and operationalise your AI flow, in real time or batch, and start getting the insights you need. No tedious configuration required.

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Curious about what a Recommendation Engine can do for you?

Contact us and we will show you the direct added value for your organisation.

Coeman Packaging

In a turbulent corona year, Trendskout has helped to ensure that we can present the same strong figures today as last year.