Key Concepts

Connect - Analyse - Automate

The basic principles behind Trendskout are straightforward: connect – analyse – automate. This intuitive approach allows you to add relevant data sources easily (Connect). Apply different relevant AI algorithms (Analyse) and gain new insight or automate actions (Automate).

Automated Machine Learning

Both AI and Deep Learning applications are powered by algorithms, data, and their respective parameters, which operate in sync for optimum performance.

The choice of algorithms, data processing and parameterisation – also known as hypertuning – and their subsequent interactions are carried out independently by Trendskout’s AutoML. This increases the entire process: from conceptualisation to delivery of an efficient AI and Deep Learning application.

Automated Data Preparation and Transformation

Data come in all different forms and flavours. They can be structured or unstructured and are located in different sources, including databases, spreadsheets and APIs. Raw data are not always suitable for AI and Deep Learning. They often require combination and transformation before they can be used. Trendskout offers a user-friendly data wizard and automated data enrichment to automate and accelerate your data processes.

You can use the data wizard to select data from different sources. The user-friendly interface makes complex data processing easy, without any additional programming. The software carries out the required transformations in the background, transforming raw data into actionable numbers that can be put to work in the AI-flow.

Model Updates

Contextual factors and the data they generate are constantly changing. Most AI models are capable of handling slight variations in data, but as soon as the changes are too drastic, model accuracy tends to decrease dramatically – regardless of whether it was generated through AI, Deep Learning or Machine Learning algorithms. Using a traditional project approach, such large data changes imply significant reworking of the project, often including data processing, algorithm selection and hypertuning.

Trendskout does things differently. Our AI software increases ROI through periodic execution of the Solution Space Exploration & Auto ML process. The software continuously validates the accuracy and performance of the model that is currently in use. This re-evaluation process happens automatically in the background and it detects if a different combination of data processing, algorithm and parameters would be better suited to your project. The Trendskout software will automatically suggest you to update to this alternative solution for improved accuracy. This ensures the best results for your project, regardless of possible changes to your data.