Predictions with our AI-based Forecast Tools

Look into the future and link your data to our forecasting software. With our forecasting tools, you can do demand forecasting, sales forecasting and data prediction. By predicting peaks, drops and anomalies, you can respond more quickly and adequately.

Train your model yourself

No code knowledge required

Directly deployable

High accuracy

Can be linked to all inputs (CRM, database, API, Excel, etc.)

Applied in many sectors

Some applications of our Forecasting Software

Churn Prediction

Monitor contact moments, communication and sales with your customers and predict which customers are likely to drop out so that you can intervene in time Trendskout detects which customers are at risk of dropping out and signals this so that your sales team can intervene in time.

Demand Prediction

Detect opportunities with your customers and leads, and predict future demand. Opportunities are often lost because they are not noticed. Trendskout goes beyond your CRM reporting and looks for hidden connections.

Sales Prediction

Predict financial and sales KPIs such as cash flow, gross margin, order volume and more based on your data combined with external data sources and intervene proactively to adjust and get a better view of your demand planning and financial forecast.

Predictive maintenance

Use Trendskout to detect anomalies and prevent defects. Predict defects accurately and plan maintenance smarter. Trendskout Anomaly Detection reduces machine downtime and limits additional production loss to an absolute minimum.

Not convinced yet?

From pure divination to AI-based forecasting, predictions for the future have come a long way in the past centuries. In this blog we dive into predictive maintenance. This branch of AI focuses on detecting irregularities or anomalies in order to better estimate the need for maintenance. This is particularly useful in sectors where large machine...
Companies and organizations with piles of relevant data are increasingly relying on AI to mine it. This is also the case at Coeman Packaging, a distributor of packaging materials and machines. With more than 3000 B2B customers, the company has a turnover of around 35 million euros. “We had been looking for a way to...
Coeman Packaging

In a turbulent corona year, Trendskout has helped to ensure that we can present the same strong figures today as last year.

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