AI for SMEs: 5 tips for implementation

Artificial intelligence is making waves in the business world. Instead of performing every task manually, companies are learning the power of automating their systems. The result is greater efficiency, fewer errors and ultimately more profit. In working with our customers, we see that our most successful customers are following a similar path to implement AI tools into their products and processes.


The five essentials when implementing AI in smaller companies

- determine eand roadmap of AI use cases That way you can keep an overview.

Involve the necessary stakeholders: Often the deployment of AI has an impact on different domains, it is good to involve everyone in the analysis phase, this speeds up the implementation.

Determine an order in which the use cases from one use case often provide insights and best practices for the next. Ideally, you should divide the use cases into groups. Doing everything one after the other often takes too much time and again increases the implementation cost because certain things cannot be done at the same time.

think about the long termOften, use case by use case is considered, and sometimes a manual implementation is used. From Trendskout, we know that implementing each AI case separately is much more costly than using an AI platform like Trendskout that can support several use cases in one go.

do not mirror companies like TeslaA lot of the projects that come from them in the media are PR, and use technology that does not work for SME scale and is often irrelevant.

What to look for when choosing an AI tool as an SME

Finally, let's look at what to look for when choosing your AI solution. You are spoilt for choice, so you need to make sure you find the right solution for your business.

Please note the following points before making a decision.

Easy to use and implementYou need a solution that the whole team can use - ideally without hours of familiarisation and training. There is little point in using a tool that takes months to implement and understand. Ease of use should be a top priority when choosing your AI solution.

Scalable solutionsg: You need a solution that can grow with your business, not hold it back. AI technology can often be easily scaled, but think about your growth plan and ask questions accordingly.

High-quality supportAnother important consideration is the support that the AI SaaS provider offers. You want a solution that provides support throughout the entire process, from tool onboarding to implementing complex AI models.

Sufficient functionsThis is an important one: you need a tool that is able to perform the actions you need. Think of the tool's ability to do natural language processing (NLP), image classification and more.

Quality of forecastsYou need a solution that works. Some solutions offer better accuracy than others and give advice on how to make sure your predictions are as accurate as possible, such as more training data or better labels.

Speed of development: AI is a rapidly evolving landscape. You have to look for a solution that keeps up with the developments in the industry.

Finding a solution that meets all these requirements is essential for implementing AI technologies in your business. AI solutions vary from tool to tool - find one that works for your business.

If you are looking for an intuitive tool to guide you in getting the most accurate forecasts - Then try Trendskout. It is quick and easy to train AI models, and with intuitive builder you can easily create AI flows using your freshly trained AI model.

No coding and no confusion, just simple AI to help your SME.

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