Computer Vision with the Trendskout AI Platform

With the Trendskout AI platform you can easily apply computer vision to your organisation. Trendskout includes predictive labeling, an annotation platform and Deep Learning technology to analyze your images. All this is supported by our user-friendly UI and built-in inference engine to quickly deploy computer vision on a large scale.

Flexibly deployable

Applicable to own data

AutoML as a Service

Results in a few hours

Rapid training of models

A complete image recognition solution

Trendskout Computer Vision - Modules

Predictive Annotation Platform

The built-in annotation platform makes image labelling fast and easy by providing numerous tools such as predictive labelling, quick click, magnetic selection and automatic processing of images. No need to use external software, and you can rely on our annotation partners if required.

The most powerful Deep Learning

Analysing images requires high-performance Deep Learning techniques such as advanced neural networks. Trendskout contains all Deep Learning technologies to make your computer vision application possible, plug & play without coding. The Trendskout platform searches itself for the ideal configuration of the Deep Learning algorithms, which you can then quickly operationalise.

Built-in Inference engine

Trendskout allows you to set up a computer vision application via the drag & drop principle and to complement it with corresponding output actions. This AI flow can be deployed with our built-in inference engine, on an offline server or in the Cloud.

Wondering what Computer Vision can do for your organisation?

Coeman Packaging

In a turbulent corona year, Trendskout has helped to ensure that we can present the same strong figures today as last year.

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