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Trendskout is an AI company developing proprietary AI solutions. Feel free to contact us for more information about our AI Software.

At Trendskout, we believe that Artificial Intelligence will have a huge impact in virtually all economic activity in the coming years and transform many business processes. It is our mission as an AI company to democratize and make this great technology more accessible.

As an AI company, we apply 4 principles that we always adhere to, now and in the future:

Hands on: we focus on tangible results and practical applications which can be rolled in the short term with a direct return.

Technology first: as great believers in technology in general and artificial intelligence in particular, our focus is on the technology we develop. We continuously invest in the development of our tech team and its training to keep up with the latest developments in the field of AI

Accessible: we make complex technology  understandable so that non-scientists can also work with them. For this, Trendskout works with a fully visualized interface in which user experience and usability are central, always remaining true to the no-coding principle.

Affordable: AI projects usually require large investments, with high entry barriers. We are the first AI company to really change this. No high start-up or project costs, but a transparent and fixed monthly fee that includes all support and updates.

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