Artificial Intelligence Software - Plug and Play

With Trendskout's artificial intelligence software you build your own AI models that you can start working with immediately. Connect your own data to the AI Platform and get real-time output. AI was never so intuitive and fast!

100% GDPR Proof

No Code

Fast Output Guaranteed

Without heavy integrations

Can be linked to all inputs (CRM, database, API, Excel, etc.)

Applied in many sectors

How our AI Software works

1. Start by connecting your own data to our AI Platform

2. Use existing AI models or train them

3. Select the desired output of your AI model

Artificial Intelligence Software has never been easier!

Some applications of our AI Software

AI for Sales

Detect more opportunities for your sales team immediately.

Production optimisation

Trendskout AutoML as a driving force for operatonial excellence.

Text and speech AI

Quickly set up advanced speech and text processing.

Coeman Packaging

In a turbulent corona year, Trendskout has helped to ensure that we can present the same strong figures today as last year.