Analyzing speech and natural text

Human interactions are a crucial part of many organizations. Just think of support questions, emails, telephone calls, etc. These interactions contain a wealth of information, which Trendskout can unlock through specialized speech to text algorithms and text analysis algorithms to understand the actual content and provide the correct insight or automation.

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Streamlining the helpdesk

Helpdesks are inundated with various conversations and questions, from different personas. Trendskout speech & text analysis can convert these conversations into text, real-time, with which the correct action can be determined via text analysis and classification or valuable insights can be extracted to further optimize the operations.

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Filter online interactions

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The internet connects us, but it is not always an example of civilized interaction. The Trendskout speech & text modules are ideal for filtering inappropriate interactions from your online channels such as social networks or your own channels.

Automatic interpretation of mail and documents

Organizations use Trendskout to categorize their influx of mail traffic and documents and link them to the right workflow. Just think of applications that must first be screened manually before the correct follow-up action can be determined. Trendskout Speech & Text quickly automates the different variations of these applications.

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Customer Stories

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