Quickly set up advanced speech and text processing with Natural Language Processing - NLP

Human interactions are a critical part of many organizations. Trendskout analyzes speech or text via natural language processing (NLP) and links them to insights and automation such as text categorization, text classification, information extraction etc.

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Process documents and speech faster

Streamline your telephone helpdesk

Handle mail and responses automatically

Expose hidden patterns

Speech and text contain a wealth of information.Trendskout uses AI such as Natural Language Processing - NLP, Text Classification, Information Extraction and more

Process documents faster

Organizations use Trendskout to categorize their influx of documents and link them to the right workflow. Just think of applications that first have to be screened manually before the correct follow-up action can be determined. Trendskout Speech & Text quickly automates the different variations of these applications.

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Reveal hidden patterns

Text and speech contains valuable insights about processes, customer feedback and your entire organization. However, processing all speech and text manually is impossible and classic IT tools fall short. Trendskout contains various advanced analyzes that visualize these insights, on which they can then be used for further action or automation.

Automatically handle mail and comments

The Trendskout-AI helps to interpret, filter and answer mails and interaction on your online channels. This way you avoid time-consuming manual work and you keep full control over your communication lines.

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Streamline your telephone helpdesk

Support departments are inundated with questions from different types of customers. Trendskout’s text and speech analytics convert conversations in real time into text. This can then be analyzed for new customer insights and determining the strategy for further streamlining of the helpdesk.

Some references on Natural Language Processing - NLP, Text Classification and Text Categorization

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