AI for sales teams

Sales teams can only spend a limited percentage of their time on their number one goal: closing deals. Repetitive tasks and lead qualification often take up a large part of their day. Start using AI to increase your sales people’s efficiency.

How do organizations benefit from AI and Machine Learning?

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Predictive lead qualification

Trendskout detects patterns in sales data to create customer segments and to generate a predictive model that categorises new leads to a particular segment – based on the actions a lead undertakes on your website, for example.

This allows for scientific, data-based lead qualification. Trendskout can also automatically assign qualified leads to a matching sales rep.

Gather and analyse sales data for follow-up actions

Accurate information is crucial in successful deal-closing. Important data are often siloed across different channels, such as CRM systems, spreadsheets, emails and notes. Salespeople often do not possess the right information located in those channels, which could help them to make more informed decisions. Artificial intelligence collects this information to distill patterns and generate insight, leading to actionable suggestions for increased conversion rates.

Sales forecasting

The members of your sales team make a majority of their decisions based on their experience and intuition. Artificial intelligence can analyse massive quantities of data and detect links and insight that are impossible to spot for even the most experienced salespeople. Trendskout can be used for advanced sales pipe analysis, providing you with a detailed overview of your organisation’s potential and growth opportunities.

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