Automatic analysis of images with the Trendskout AI Platform

Discover new insights in images. Process huge amounts of image and video data with the Trendskout-AI.


Quick annotation of your images and predictive labeling

Additional image analysis techniques

No more searching for the best model yourself

Rapid processing of your images,in the cloud or on premise

A complete image recognition solutionTrendskout supports applications such as quality control, person & access detection, security and more. With a clear interface for fast annotation, training and real-time inference.

Fast annotation of your images and predictive labeling

Trendskout functions such as predictive labeling, magnetic selection and quick click make annotating fast and efficient. Labeling and annotation of images can be done directly in Trendskout, you do not need to use external tooling and – if desired – you can count on our annotation services.


Additional image analysis techniques

Trendskout contains several additional techniques such as out-of-the-box distance measuring, small object detection , multi stage image recognition, etc. Combined with the latest deep learning frameworks in Trendskout, these quickly enable the image recognition applications that will make the difference for you.

No longer searching for the best model yourself

The best image recognition model is the optimal combination of image transformation, deep learning model and hypertuning of this model. Trying out combinations manually is time-consuming. That’s why the Trendskout platform automatically transforms your images, which our AutoML does its crunching on and finds the best model and hyper-tuning for you.

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Lightning fast processing of your images, in the cloud or on premise

Trendskout offers a built-in inference server that analyzes your images in real-time and performs the desired actions. This is standard available in the cloud or via an offline server on your premise when privacy or technical reasons require so.

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