Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Functions

Discover Trendskout’s built-in AI capabilities

Our Trendskout AI software offers a wide range of ready-to-use AI features. They follow the same steps: select the appropriate application, set your required parameters, and our AI will generate and suggest the most appropriate model for your request.

Keep reading to discover all of Trendskout’s Deep Learning applications, supported by cutting-edge technology. These include neural networks, gradient boosting, support vector machines and many more.


Train Trendskout through labeled training data and set our AI to work to classify and label new data.


Use Trendskout to predict future events, based on findings from your data.


Trendskout handles questions on your online channels, allowing you to engage in more conversations in a shorter time span.

Prescriptive analytics and NBA

Trendskout detects hidden insight and patterns in your data, for improved decision-making.

Impact Analysis

Use Trendskout to discover and report on parameters and data relationships that impact your business objectives.


Trendskout can discover hidden patterns to cluster various types of unlabeled data.

Image recognition and pattern recognition

Use Trendskout to recognise and label visual attributes in images, or detect patterns in unstructured data.


Trendskout can recommend appropriate products, services and content to the right person at the right time.

Text classification

Trendskout reads, interprets and classifies your texts for you, regardless of their size or language.

And more...

Trendskout contains plenty of different AI functions. Combine them using our AI-flow for unlimited potential.

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